Any other way to find parentage?

Is there any other way to find the parentage of a rose if it is not listed on HMF, and you can’t find the patent information about it? I know a breeder is not obliged to reveal the parents but I figured it might just be a case of the information exisitng somewhere and it just hasn’t been submitted to places like HMF yet.

The rose I’m trying to find out about is a Delbard called ‘Maurice Utrillo’. It is striped and I was wanting to know where it got its stripes from and so whether it will pass them on or whether it was a sport etc… it sets a truck load of OP hips and I have a few hundred OP seeds from it. It’s a really good plant here and I was thinking I might use it next season.

Write to Delbard and ask.

Sometimes it is listed in the patent. I looked using GOOGLE and did not find it. It may not be patented.


Apparently Delbard applied for a patent in Zambia (#4327) on March 22, 2007. See link below, or This application information was also published in The Green Gazette–but the content is all the same: no information is listed beyond the number, a code number for the one applying and for the agent, the application number and the date of application.