Any luck with Pax?

Wondering if anyone has had any luck with Pax (hybrid Musk, Pemberton (1918))? Only reference on here I could find was from Jim Turner saying it was completely sterile for him.

Triploid, you could try it on your very best seed parents and hope for the best.

I never cared much for ‘Pax’ in the time had it. Unruly growth habit and vicious prickles made it hard to live with for me.


Have you considered trying ‘Rosy Purple’ as a breeder? It sets seed with any pollen you put on it and the seeds germinate like weeds. ‘Rosy Purple’ is one of the few modern roses I can grow here without using fungicides.



‘Rosy Purple’, likely diploid?

That’s what I am assuming Robert, yep.

Simon, sorry we hijacked this thread.

Paul,‘Rosy Purple’ looks very much line an op seedling of ‘Violet Hood’ I grew out years ago. I should have kept it, Being a single, who knew I would need it? It was smooth. I think I budded some to it then eventually threw it out.

Hey… I don’t mind… I like evolving threads… you guys are the pros and cover things I would not have even thought of covering… it’s a win-win for me every way I look at it.


I haven’t considered ‘Rosy Purple’. I’ve ordered ‘Pax’ for my display garden here and was wondering if it might end up a dual purpose rose (i.e. looks and work). I don’t remember seeing ‘Rosy Purple’ anywhere here but then again I haven’t been looking for it either :wink: Will see if I can find it and look at what it’s like… I do have an unknown rose (that I figured was a multiflora hybrid) that looks a lot like it though. How does ‘Rosy Purple’ breed? It’s strange that something so fertile would have no descendants listed on HMF.