Any intrested in a hip of 'Livin' Easy' x 'Basye's Amphidiploid'?

Last May I obtained flowers with permision at the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden. They gave a very abundant amount of pollen. I was able to cross this with many English Roses, a few hybrid teas, and some minis. I have seeds from a single hip from LE. I did not want to keep it because I became extreamly lazy on that cross. I did not emasculate the anthers; just slapped on some Basye’s Amphidiploid pollen, and left it wide open for other pollination. SO you may get an intresting mix of roses from this hip. I have pics of BA to help you out to distingish which ones are the probable hybrids of the amphidiploid. I assume that seedlings that are deep pink- mauve, single, very thorny, and shruby are the most likely possible hybrids of BA. Although this is open to all of you, I am limiting to people who already know how to germinate seeds, and who I know enough to trust to give me pics of seedlings. That is not to pick on the beginners. It is just don’t want to give them away without knowing what they look.