Any idea what it could be?

As you guys know I tried out some hybridizing, Good News,I think one of the roses is setting a hip!

When the receptacle swells, the rose may be in the process of setting a hip, Right?

The reason I ask this is due to the fact that one of my roses is acting quite strangely. On this tree pollination did not seem successful at first but after some time I noticed that between the dried up hairy stigmas, red plump swellings where occuring.I was shocked as I thought the hip will form under the sepals(The receptacle). There is no sign of the receptacle swelling neither is there any sign of a hip forming anywhere, just red naked swellings which are among the hairs. Could these be seeds forming completly outside?(They look quite tough and are oval in shape). If there are seeds how will I know when to harvest them?

Any info will be helpful




Those could well be seeds forming completely outside. If they mature, they should be just as good as those formed inside.

Any idea as to how I’ll know when the seeds are mature? I know that hips should remain on the bush for around 3 months. What signs should confirm maturity in “exposed” seeds?


It is common for the ring of tissue around the stigma to turn red when fertilization occurs. you will often see the red coloration before the hip starts to swell below. If this is what’s happening on your rose it is not seeds but is a sign that fertilization has occurred.


You know, I’ve never noticed that before, so I took a peek of a cross between Queen Elizabeth X Sutter’s Gold; yup, red ring. Thanks for this info.