Any good articles or papers on coloring in roses

I’m interested in learning more about the pigments that go into coloring roses. How they work etc… Are there any good papers out there to read up on this. The more in-depth the better.



I did find the articles on the CyberRose site by duBois.

The Winter 2002 issue of the RHA Newsletter contains a number of great articles on pigments and inheritance in roses. Included are reprints of a great article by De Vries and Dubois (probably same one you found on CyberRose), a summary of the article by Marshall from the Morden station, information on the Flavanoid pathway, and an article I wrote on different factors that can influence the color perceived with anthocyanins and it contains some petal pH data I took on different roses.




The following is a list of papers that cite the above paper (looking for citations is often a good way to search the recent literature once a major earlier paper is located):

And 9 papers that cite one of the above:

Mike, with regard to using particular roses to breed for desirable colors - it seems to me that most modern roses have enough variability in their ancestry to allow for wide ranges of colors depending on the combination of parents.

I tend to use whatever roses that exhibit good fertility as seed parents (and have other good qualities that I am breeding for), regardless of their coloring and cross with pollen parents having other desirable characteristics and color.

In my experience, good reds and yellows have lower fertility as seed parents. These are used as pollen parents with fertile seed parents.

Jim Sproul

Thank you David and Henry for the articles.

Thank you Jim for your advice, I will definitely take it into consideration.

I am just a rose junkie though, and love reading about the scientific side of things too.