Another tool for Hybirdizers

HMF just made another addition to their web site expecially for hybridizers. They have added a parentage tree. Please check it out and let them know what you think. I think it’s great they are spending so much of their time on projects of interest to us. I’ve ask for thumbnail photo’s and bloodline percentages to be added to the tree but I know they are very busy.


That’s great! That’s a very handy way of looking at a rose’s ancestors.

I just hope Jim that the hybridizers will respond by letting HMF know how much they appreciate their efforts and hopefully they will continue to spend their time on projects that will help us. Two weeks in a row they completed projects that have been in the works for months. I believe the parentage tree was given more attention this week after all the postitive feedback they received on the Bloodline report last week. Who doesn’t like to know that what they work so hard on is useful and appreciated by others. I would think the members of the RHA would be first in line to say thank you for a job well done.

I second your comment John! I just sent them an e-mail thanking them for all the hard work – it is so incredible that they are willing to create this HUGE resource – for free! No ads or anything. The least we can do is donate a little positive feedback.


Wow, that is cool. For years, I’ve been drawing my own version of those exact same trees (using HelpMeFind). I wonder how many other people have been doing the same thing. Now, we’ll have this tool to do it all for us. I’ll be sending a thank you e-mail, for sure.

I sent HMF a thank you Email. Rose breeders are really indebted to the excellent work they did in adding the Bloodlines and Parentage Tree.

Checked this out the other day. A real boon for the hybridizer. I too have let HMF know of our thanks for their effort.