Another Sport ?

I have a bright yellow sport on About Face, I never have great luck on getting sports to strike, should I possibly try air layering? It is only one flower on one branch so I do not know how stable it is but it is definately YELLOW, not as yellow as Shockwave but a strong looking yellow.Any Help or ideas would be appreciated.



Air layering is the way to go, it’s almost foolproof(I get 100% success) and very easy to do.

I did some then went away for 8 weeks came back and they were ready to remove with heavy calous and very stong roots

My results with normal cuttngs is not very good.

Wish you luck


Russ & Jadae

Thank you for the reply. I will try to air layer it then. I have never tried it because I am half way good at grafting. I was actually kind of shocked to see the sport, as I have always been amazed to see them. I will try to get a picture of it in a couple minutes.(coffee 1st) I need to dump some media off of my phone, as I do not have my good digital camera.Blackberrie will do though. O Sole Mio, Midas Touch, Golden Wave, ect, are all in its Parentage.

Pictures taken with blackberry 8330 so not the best quality, if you want other views please let me know.

Andrew I would slowly cut away any portions of your original specimen not associated with the sport to force growth into the sported portion of the plant.

When you get more material for propagation and you are sure your sport is stable I would find someone to bud it for you onto a clean rootstock.

Once the plant is entirely your sport you should have enough material to send it away for evaluation.

Thanks Robert!

Amazingly, I am half way good at budding. About Face is kinda a monster here. I was jokingly told as someone was laughing “wow you could use that as a weapon” It throws off huge canes and huge thorns. I should be able to remove the bulk of the plant

I do have some Fortuniana from Malcolm Manners in my yard so I will use that if the time does come to bud it.

I was never sure if you wanted to remove the sport as soon as possible, and do a cutting, or try to force more growth by cutting the original plant. So kinda like a maiden I guess. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Andrew, your sport should remain stable. If it doesn’t it’s not worth pursuing.

As it produces more growth you will be able to determine where the sport begins.

I would let it grow and continue to study which portions are the mutation.

You’re welcome and congratulations! Robert