Another route to more blue appearance?

Just a question/idea that popped into my head while reading another thread…

Is anyone trying to incorporate chlorophyll in the petals (‘Greensleeves’,‘Green Diamond’) into their mauve breeding programs? I would imagine that the greenish background might make the mauve look more blue.

If I didn’t have way too many other plans already, I’d try this one myself.

That would be interesting, although–

I don’t know how the mechanisms to that will work…

One thing is that one needs to find a rose that will consistantly pass the clorophyll trait… and whatever trait that gives a rose a bluish color.

Brandy, Marilyn Monroe, Freedom, Pretty Lady, St’ Patrick can pass on this trait.

So does 'Greensleeves’and it works as seed parent.

I find this trait unattractive. The blossoms often look unattractive after a time as they refuse to shatter.

I can see the value of this trait when breeding for extended shelf life in greenhouse varieties.

Greensleeves blossoms hang on a long time and get very aged looking.

The stamens go dark and ugly. It only looks good when new.

Also aphids are attracted to the chlorophyll in the petals.