another ogr x carefree sunshine

Tom Silvers recently posted a ogr x carefree sunshine pic; here’s another, in this case the ogr is Duchesse de Montebello; this bloom is 3 1/2 in dia, moderate fragrance; a 2009 seedling.

Looks great :slight_smile:

thanx Simon. someday i’ll figure how to post pix on this forum.

Pretty! That’s exactly what I’m wanting to do. Great color.

I like your seedling even better. ‘Duchesse de Montebello’ has been reported to produce some repeat bloomers. Did this seedling get lucky in that department? And how’s the scent? It looks like it would smell great.

Thanks for posting, Tom

I have found ‘Duchesse de Montebello’ produces some outstandingly beautiful blooms. Although Austin reported obtaining a percentage of repeating seedlings in his work, I have never, ever had a repeat blooming seedling when I’ve used it as a parent. I wonder if what we grow in the US by this name isn’t the same plant that Austin used. I bet that is a distinct possibility.

I must say again, that coloring is everything I like. I bet you’ll be able to do a whole lot with it. Carefree Sunshine is a good seller around here, but something about it tickles me as too artificial looking. I like this softer look.

Not many other shell-pink/white blend gallicas out there…perhaps a seedling of ‘Duchesse de Montebello’ is being sold as its mother over in the UK. That could explain his luck.

Beautiful blossom Dave.

Dave that bloom is so pretty!

All of DdMXCS seedlings are once bloomers; all are varying shades of apricot; all stayed healthy last summer, and all had no winter damage (which is no big deal, since there was two foot of snow cover most of winter).

Dave, that is a gorgeous bloom. I love the appearance of a warm glow. Health and winter hardiness increase desirability. It looks like a good one to use in breeding! Do you have any repeat bloomers coming out of this line?

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim. These have been used for pollen and seed this year: no idea what will result. The plants seem strong enough to produce seed, but maybe not.

Yeah, it looks wonderful.

Like I stated in a previous thread, Yellow Brick Road, which is 3/4 Carefree Sunshine, is intoxicatingly fragrant, which was a huge surprise. YBR also has an informal ogr-like bloom form. So, despite Carefree Sunshine looking seemingly plain, it has some nice possible traits flowing from it :slight_smile: I originally strayed from it because I knew it had Rise n Shine and Gold Badge in it, which I loathe, but Carefree Sunshine doesnt seem to have any of Rise n Shine’s or Gold Badge’s major flaws that I know of yet.

Good luck with future generations :slight_smile: