Another new R. wich hybrid

I suckered myself into buying another R. wich hybrid. It is brand new this year and called Spring Fever.,394,392,387,390,389,393,386,384,391,388,383,382

I think I now have every H. wich color but yellow and orange, lol. Coral Drift comes close but it is more off-red than orange.

The biggest drawback I have seen while using these guys in breeding is pollination and seed count. It is an amazing amount of work for someone my size (6’3") to pollinate plants 1 foot off the ground that have 1/2" inch blooms in huge sprays that yield teeny tiny hips. It makes me wish I was of Asian descent rather than Scandinavian descent LOL. The seeds are equally tiny and in various quantities. Ive never seen a static pattern in the amount of takes or seeds per hip with these guys. They seem to germinate decently, though.

I guess you might’ve come up with the only alternative reason to graft a rose onto a standard, lol :wink:

No need for tree roses here - I’m fairly short and small-handed in spite of my Scandinavian half (sigh). Although, I must admit the idea of a potted rose on a bench has a certain appeal.

I work with many of my roses elevated, either on benches or most often I reverse containers and use them for height and to keep them out of dog level. I’m only 6’ tall but it sure helps.

I’ve noted a propensity for mildew can come out of wichurana despite all it’s good qualities.

Yeah, Im not sure why they used The Fairy in many of the new R. wich hybrids. It has horrible lineage :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything is in the ground for me. I have an equally low tolerance for watering pots in the summer, lol.

automatic irrigation!!

From the patent it seems to share the same female parent as Flower Carpet Pink. Too bad that the patent says no hips were observed. It’s interesting that the patent was granted and assigned to J&P in 2003 and the rose wasn’t released until now.

Jadae, I had mentioned a while back about a r. wich hybrid from the Antique rose empor. called Republic of Texas which is suppose to be The Fairy X R. wich. It did great in its first year and I have a few op seedlings from it. I will use it this year as it stayed completely clean for me all of last year. How they got a yellow from that cross I don’t know, maybe the bees were involved. it got about 2ft. high by 4ft. wide in its first year and is an excellent bloomer.


Gee, anyone heard of a chair?

Ive tried it, Judith. It doesn’t help much at all. Kneeling or sitting is the same distance down with the same large hands on midget sized blooms.

I solved the height problem 2 ways. Hybridize climbers and inlist the help of my 7 and 4 year old daughters. My daughters love ‘Baby Love’ because its always in bloom so they are always out messing with it. Might as well put them to work. I already have to label each cross 2 ways. I put the parents and who picked it. Could take it to the next level and have them pollinate too.

Right now the 4 year old is winning the seeling count.:slight_smile: