Another first bloom on a Rose Gilardi seedling

Here is another Rose Gilardi seedling with its first bloom. As with most of the other RG seedlings disease reistance seems to be great so far. Looks like it may be a miniature, no mossing or striping and slight scent. I like the bloom form on this one.

That’s very pretty. Are those what’s called “quilled” petals?

Thank you Max. I don’t think these petals would be called quilled. I think an example of quilled petals would be demonstrated by the miniature, Glowing Amber. See pics at link. Thanks again. :slight_smile:



How long have you been working on this one?

Are those sepals sticking out from behind the bloom?


Thanks Paul. This one is new this season. It germinated a couple of months ago. Yes, those are sepals sticking out from behind the bloom. I found this trait on several of my Rose Gilardi seedlings from this season.

Oh, so that’s quilling…nevertheless I love the little points on the blooms, very picturesque.

Thanks Max. :slight_smile:

Hey Max, quilling is common in some lines of miniatures. You will randomly see it in other roses too, but it is most common in minis.


I wasn’t sure this one would be called quilled. What do you think?

The petals are too wide to be classically quilled. I’d say more “pointed”. The signature “petal pin tip” is what I was referring to though.

You should do more Rose Gilardi crosses. I find it to be one of the more rewarding minis for the landscape, and Ive had good luck using Shadow Dancer (it’s relative) in hybridizing.

RG seedlings are showing great health so far. I will try more crosses using this one.