Amazing rose seeds LOL



great business idea, but a little bit unfair.

Simon, you also can buy all you need for your Barbie in this shop :slight_smile:



It’s a one-stop blokie-bloke’s shop here isn’t it LOL

If I’m not mistaken, that is an Oriental melon that is sprouting-could also be a cantaloupe, but it is not a ‘blue rosa rugosa’.

Strait out con artist. The sad thing is people are buying the things.

Detailed Seller Ratings (last 12 months)

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Positive Feedback: 99.3%

That says a lot about eBay ratings credibility

I sent a question about the blue rose. No reply as of yet. I’m shocked.

On weekends they say it takes 48 hr for a reply. (Needs translation?) I believe the germination is of some kind of Lagenaria, commonly called snake gourd. They have that characteristic seed shape like a cockroach. Also suffer from anthracnose (Colletotrichum lagenariae) like crazy around here. But the illustrations are really interesting if you want to study allelopathy. And the flower would match Barbie’s prom gown really well.

I got a response to the question I sent to them about the “blue” rose. They claim it is indeed blue but “the picture is more beautiful than the flower.” Translation: “It ain’t blue.”

Must work for Florigene and be sneaking OP seed out the door…

A friend of mine bought a package and is eager to show me soon and help him get them to germinate. Hopefully they at least sent seed of Rosa rugosa instead of what is pictured. I guess I’ll see next week. They talk about a stratification period which seems promising as if it is a rose. Maybe it is op seed of purple rose like ‘Hansa’??? Anyways, I’ll see soon.

When we were in Japan six years ago and saw their ‘blue’ rose, we talked with some representatives from Florigene who admitted while the first generation appeared bluer than any rose currently on the market, second generation roses did not carry over the ‘blue’ gene.