Amateur-bred rose wins 2008 AARS

“Dream Come True”, bred by Dr. John Pottschmidt, is a 2008 AARS winner, according to this newspaper article. Congratulations, Dr. Pottschmidt!


I saw that one. Weeks site has pics. It is beautiful.

Thank you for the link, Jim, and congratulations to Dr. Pottschmidt.

The linked expanded article with rose picture is great. The sprays are massive. He planted 40,000 seeds one year. 20,000 another.

Very interesting story. And it’s nice to see Dr. Pottschmidt’s efforts rewarded after all these years. Thanks Jim.

So, I’d already given up the idea of REALLY making any money from rose hybridizing – of course I’m still doin’ it for the fun of it. But did I read that right, that ‘St. Patrick’ has earned Strickland $400,000 in royalties over 10 years of sales!!!

Wonderful story. Thanks for providing the link Jim. It’s great reading success stories like this…it gives one hope.