Also about registering roses...

In the recent approvals section of ICRA-Roses the first two columns are the Denomination Name and the Approved Exhibition Name. In the submission of new registrations form the first field is the Denomination name. This is where I put the name beginning with my three letter code right? Is there any advantage or disadvantage in making the Denomination Name and the Approved Exhibition name the same? Then there is a place for three synonyms. If the name I want my rose to be known as is different to the Denomination Name does this go in the first of the three synonym fields? There is no corresponding field for Approved Exhibition Name. Is the name I want my rose to be known as the same as the Approve Exhibtion Name? Is the first synonym the same as the Approved Exhibition Name?

Hi Simon,

The instruction are not that clear on the website. Yes, the denomination field is for “Voorose”, while the first synonym field is for your proposed exhibition name. The other synonym fields are for other names used in other countries (example - ‘Hot Cocoa’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’).

Jim Sproul

Thanks Jim… I’ll be doing my first one tonight then :slight_smile:

I notice a lot of roses are registered with the denimination name and the approved exhibition name being the same and only the bigger more prolific breeders use the breeder code prefix on infront of some truncation of the exhibiution name. Is there any advantage to making these two names different? I seem to remember earlier trade marking discussions saying that the practice was kind of irrelevant now.

Congratulations Simon!

I think that if you have a potentially marketable rose, that it may be worth using the two separate names. Also, if you want to have a synonym that has already been used, you will need a separate denomination name to clearly designate your rose.

Jim Sproul

OK… I did it! I messed up on the class field though! I thought I had selected miniature but the status says I selected HT! I think I must have selected miniature and then before deselecting the field turned the mouse roller button which scrolled to HT… will have to see if I can change it. I have emailed them asking how. An edit button there would be good too! Surely I can’t be the only idiot to fill this form in incorrectly.

They will correct it for you. I have made mistakes too!

Congratulations again Simon - may you have many more beautiful rose registrations!

Jim Sproul

:slight_smile: I have three more in the pipeline but will be waiting another year before making any firm decisions about them. Initial impressions are good… but time will tell :slight_smile:

What does this registration of a rose offer breeders?

Good question, George. One thing it does is supply a record of the name, breeder, characteristics, and breeding for future generations. It also prevent others from registering roses with your name.

thanks Cass