All the Rage

I’m curious about the potential of All the Rage. Pictured are two OP ATR seedlings that germinated last fall and are blooming. The seedlings seem to have good vigor and form. I like the warm orange undertones.

I haven’t had ATR long enough to fully evaluate it’s performance in cold climates, both in terms of hardiness and disease resistance. It would be fun to hear from anyone who’s grown it and formed an opinion.

It interests me that one of the parents is Morden Centennial, a very hardy but very blackspot-prone rose. How much of that hardiness and disease susceptibility will be passed on to it’s seedlings?

I’d like to try some crosses with it this year.

[flickr_photo src= nsid=66449618@N07 id=8665631511]4-18-13[/flickr_photo]

IDK but it is super vigorous on its own-roots. I abandoned mine at my family’s home in a difficult, arid spot near Golden Wings, and its 5’ x 5’, covered in hips everywhere. I saw some black spot, but the plant was so dense that it wasn’t a huge issue.

Hi Joe,

All the Rage has made it through one winter here (albeit a very mild one) and is on its second–if the snow ever melts I’ll give you an update on how it did this past winter–which was more typical of weather in Z3B. It was pretty much crown hardy but rebounded well last season. It actually came through the winter last year with several inches of live wood but it got hit with several late frosts that knocked it back to the crown. From a disease standpoint, the first summer in the ground it was clean. Last year it had no BS and was about 25% defoliated from leafspot. It has good vigor and is a nice bloomer. Although still in the early evaluation stage, I’d recommend trying it anywhere that LS isn’t an issue. But it might be on the edge of its performance range here–another year or two will tell. Still, it was one of the best performers in the trials last year.

From a crossing standpoint–you will struggle to get anything to set using it as a female–I think I’ve had one seedlings out of it as a female. I haven’t used it much as a male but I don’t think I got much that way either–fairly limited. But, the few seedlings I have germinated have showed good health so far, although they aren’t old enough to be showing much LS yet (second year last year). This year will show more but I have a sneaking suspicion that the LS issues are passed on–I saw the first glimmer of them last year.

That’s about all I can say for now. I do like the plant.


Here is All the Rage, when trimmed, right before spring bloom. Thi splant is 5’T. It was 7’T before its haircut. This is on its own roots, not watered, and next to a Black Hills Spruce. It is no wimp. It set about 100+ OP hips last year.

I really like the few OP All the Rage that I have going on. The first pictured one is a nice bright orange, while the second really seems kind of mauve…warm orange overlaid with purple. It probably won’t come across in the picture.

[flickr_photo src= nsid=66449618@N07 id=8983217838][/flickr_photo][flickr_photo src= nsid=66449618@N07 id=8982034169][/flickr_photo]

I could not decide what to do with this rose for breeding, because it is SO good, but the blackspot annoys me. So, I crossed it with Oso Easy Peachy Cream :] since it has such great resistances, as well as a warm-colored lineage.

How much relative black spot does it get for you compared to other varieties? I have to go through my notes, but I think I remember counting it as triploid. I love the mounded plant habit and large colorful blooms. It has been pretty clean here in the Twin Cities fortunately compared to other roses.