Alexander MacKenzie

This is one of the few roses that has survived ten years of total neglect by me. One of these days, I’ll have to make a list of which roses I had originally planted and what’s still around. But in any case, I recently saw my old ‘Alexander MacKenzie’ bush blooming strong in competition with unmowed grasses, brush and trees. Not a single spraying, or fertilization… no mulch… no mowing… a small herd of deer and various rodents.

So, I’ve noticed that there are no descendents listed on HelpMeFind and I can’t recall much mention of it here. Is it a difficult breeder? Or is it just overlooked?

Also, in the notes of HelpMefind it mentions:

“Dr. Felicitas Svejda gives the parentage as ‘Queen Elizabeth’ x (‘Red Dawn’ x ‘Suzanne’) x 2 cycles of open pollination”

Does that mean that Svejda planted seed from a seedling of this parentage – ‘Queen Elizabeth’ x (‘Red Dawn’ x ‘Suzanne’) – and then planted seed from the resulting seedling also… and that what finally resulted was ‘Alexander MacKenzie’? So that ‘Queen Elizabeth’ x (‘Red Dawn’ x ‘Suzanne’) is only one grandparent of ‘Alexander Mackenzie’ and that the other 3/4 of its parentage are unknown?

I’ve had some limited experience using A. Mac as a seed parent. My very first seedlings to germinate were from A. Mac x Blue Moon, but the cat did in most of them and Rufus as a puppy killed off the last one. My recollection was that the seeds readily germinated. I’m finally getting around to using it in crosses again this year. My take on the pedigree is that even though it was an open pollinated seedling of an open pollinated seedling of Queen Elizabeth x (Red Dawn’ x Suzanne), I would be surprised if foreign pollen was ever involved.

This is an open pollinated seedling that I obtained from Alexander Mackenzie:


One would think with all that inbreeding any out crosses would produce nice vigor in offspring?