Alcohol instead of liqid peroxide

Can I use alcohol (80%) instead of liqid peroxide when i’m disinfect seeds? Or is it not strong enough?



Timothy, you don’t need to disinfect the seeds. If you want to use peroxide, that is fine, but it is probably unnecessary. Just wash them thoroughly and put them in some sort of growing medium, either planting them in a pot or a flat or putting them in a baggie.

Probably you should NOT use alcohol.

Please be warned that Hydrogen Peroxide will kill seeds if soaked too long (I learned the hard way). I just use dish soap and water to wash the seeds.

Shane, what concentration did you use and how long was the soak?

You should also know that peroxide is what is called a reactive oxygen species so far as plants are concerned. It sends signals that lead to various effects, depending what cell in the plant it contacts, and at what concentration. Often it is part of a defense response against fungus. At low levels it might make the plant more resistant while at high levels it may induce what is called apoptosis, quiet death. You would be better off perhaps giving them an aspirin or peptobismol which has salicylic acid that also stimulates defense genes. The hypersensitive response, which is how some blackspot resistant roses deal with blackspot may be induced by peroxide for instance. Look carefully at New Dawn leaves toward the end of the season in a blackspot prone area and you will see lots of little dead places. I don’t think anyone has proved this yet but tehse may be places where spores landed.