Advice RE: Stratification


I have my Eyes For You cross seeds out of the fridge now sitting at room temperature (~10-20 celsius) for a couple of weeks in damp peat moss in a zip-lock baggy.

They were in refrigerated (~5 celsius) + damp stratification for 3 months.

I don’t want to sow them, but prefer to have them germinate in that zip-lock baggy, one by one.

None have germinated yet, what should I do next?


I’ll leave 'em for 1 month @ room temp, and if nothing germinates by then I’ll put 'em back in the fridge for a few weeks.

George I would sow them in seed raising mix, I think 3mths of stratifaction is long enough. I would stop mucking around, if they are viable they will germinate, re-stratifying them will not make them fertile if they are not viable to start with.

It’s prolly crap seed.

Then, for heavens sake, toss them quick! Lord knows we have enough of THAT without planting SEEDS of it!


You spurred me on Kim, I just opened them all up…and it is true, all of 'em were no good inside.

On to the next rose project…

Great! Look at all the time you saved!

@ Kim ----- GENIUS!!



BTW, if interested, this cross was Blue For You X Eyes For You.

Eyes for You already has Blue for You in it. Were you trying to intensify the blue? So far, my Blue for You doesn’t want to set seed. Immaturity, climate or characteristic?

Yes, that was indeed the goal !!

As you well know, BFY is a prolific OP seed setter (I never tried germinating any BFY OP however…).

Must be honest my BFY was in a big pot and not real happy. After collecting this seed I then took it out of the pot and transplanted it into the ground.

I hope it will cooperate as a better “rose mom” next season when it is hopefully much happier.

It set OP hips the first year. None of which have germinated. None of the crosses I made on it have set, which is what made me wonder.

Thanks for sharing that information.

We shall see what my BFY does as a mom in the new round of crosses starting this Sept.

Good luck with your BFY crosses this season !!

My suspicion still is that BFY might be a decent rose mom given the right cultural conditions, but I have no proof of this.

On that note, I suppose I should clean out the back of my fridge…

While HMF lists Eyes for You as having probably parentage of BFY and Chewtingle, there is no real indication of momma/poppa. They just mention BFY first. I wonder if James used it as a pollen parent?

Blue for You is listed as the seed parent for Bull’s Eye Though I’ve not been able to find a clean statement of the actual cross, I strongly suspect both Bull’s Eye and Eyes for You to be of the same parentage, probably the same cross, but that’s just my thoughts.

What Kim just wrote sounds very much a possibility, oddly I also have been thinking exactly the same thing ever since I noticed Bull’s Eye and read about that pedigree.

What reinforces the idea in my mind is, they kept Eyes for themselves, their own introduction, which is what introducers do with the best. Often when J&P’s rose scored highest in the AARS trials, they pulled it and introduced it as their Rose of the Year, which they made more money on than an AARS win. The “also rans” were sold off to others for introduction. Notice how Warner’s kept Eyes and sold Bull’s Eye to Week’s? From Jim Sproul’s observations, Bull’s Eye has mildew issues. So far, here, Eyes has NO issues.

So far, here, Eyes has NO issues.

… errr…ya know what I am gonna say 'bout that…so I wont say it LOL

Yup, “location, location, location”. Nature really had to throw in a ringer with fifteen (at least) populations of black spot, huh?