Advanced scientific paper - open pollination study

Title: Lessons from the microsatellite characterization of a segregating population derived from seeds of open pollinated Rosa damascena Mill. F. Trigintipetala plants.

Authors: Rusanov, K.; Kovacheva, N.; Atanassov, A.; Atanassov, I.

Authors affiliation: AgroBio Institute, Sofia, Bulg.

Published in: Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment (2005), volumn 19(2), pages 72-79.

Abstract: "A population of 24 plants derived from seeds of open pollinated Rosa damascena plants were analyzed at 22 microsatellite loci. The comparison of the obtained microsatellite profiles with those of the mother plants revealed that the seeds of the open pollinated oil rose plants are a result of self-pollination of the mother plants or cross-pollination with neighboring R. damascena plants possessing the same genotype. Anal. of the allele segregation demonstrated that R. damascena is a segmental allotetraploid with polysomic or disomic type of inheritance depending on the chromosomal location of the corresponding locus. The most probable allele configurations for the studied loci in R. damascena were detd. The possibility for development of a large segregating population from oil rose is discussed.