About the RHA Forum email facility

The RHA Forum email facility allows people to send emails to you without giving them your email address. A few weeks ago, spammers used the email facility to send many spam messages to some forum members. The spammers did not get anyone’s email address by using the email facility. The email facility was changed at that time to prevent spammers from using it. The changes require cookies to be enabled in your browser. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, or if you periodically delete all cookies without regard to which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t, then you will not be able to send emails using the RHA Forum email facility. Other people will still be able to email you, if you have supplied an email address. If you are concerned that you might have spyware or adware cookies on your PC, there are many products available that will remove them without removing legitimate cookies. I use Webroot Spy Sweeper and it works very well.


I appreciate your explanation. it’s given me an opportunity to enable cookies. Previously I disregarded the email line because I assumed it no longer worked.