A 'Tigris' Self Seedling

Here is an open pollinated seedling of ‘Tigris’. This seedling is new this year and is fully recurrent in its blooming. The eye isn’t that big, but I am excited that it is fully repeating like regular modern roses.


Very nice… much more nicer looking then Tigris… I barely see the red eye on Tigris because all those quilled petals sort of out of the way…

Halo obviously look better on single and semi-single roses…

How big is your Tigris? My own is about 7 inches… barely bigger then how it was a few months ago.

The eye may not be large, but it sure stands out nicely. Pretty. Any scent?

It looks very healthy. Do you spray it?

Thanks for the comments. Although I listed it as open pollinated, I think that it was part of a cross that I did using pollen from one of my seedlings - (‘Tobo’ X ‘Singin’ in the Rain’) X ‘Henry Fonda’. That seedling is a yellow shrub that is quite clean. I do absolutely no spraying for fungal diseases, but only spray for mites and insects.

This Tigris seedling is still quite small, only about 4 inches tall by about 6 inches wide. I have not smelled it for fragrance yet, but I will on the next bloom!

My ‘Tigris’ mother plant is about 2 feet by 3 feet and only blooms in the spring (with a occasional stray bloom in the fall). This seedling continues to put out new growth with new flower buds. I hope that it proves to be fertile.