A Thank You

Well it has been awhile since I have actually posted on the board here…but I have gained a good deal of information from reading the great threads here, from various members (Jim Turner, John Sheldon, Judith Singer, etc.) as well as from the webpages of RHA members (Henry Kuska’s and Paul Barden’s in particular), and of course from the great content in the newsletters.

So, I thougt it was time to post a “Thank You” for all that I have learned from so many of you in various ways. Last year was my first “real” season with trying to pollinate my own hips and then take those through germination to seedling. I know that it would have been unbelievably difficult without all the information many of you have shared here and elsewhere. So a big “Thank You”. I’m sure I will continue to learn more and more from all of you, and that will make the process all the more enjoyable.

And finally, I thought I would share a few photos of seedlings that resulted from my efforts, following much of the good advice many of you provided.