A Thank You with Update and Photos

Ooops…the topic thread was supposed to read A “Thank You” with Update and Photos…but I must have accidentally deleted that somewhere along the way.

Sheesh…forgot to mention…these three seedlings are all at least moderately fragrant, and have shown an ability to be highly fragrant at times.

Michelle, there is a bug in the Forum software that causes everying in quotes in the Subject line to be lost. One of these days I’m going to figure out what causes it. I put the “Thank You” back in the Subject line.

Gorgeous seedlings! I especially like the first one. Is that Princesse de Monaco X Fragrant Plum?

Thanks for fixing the title for me Jim! Yes, that first one is one of the Princess de Monaco x Fragrant Plum seedlings. I’ve been very happy with that group of seedlings as a whole. The reverse cross had some nice results as well.

Fantastic looking roses.

Michelle, your roses ARE beautiful. You seem to have a magic touch - keep up the great work! Those here may not be aware, but you are also a stickler for foliage, so these roses I’m sure, have more going for them than just their bloom beauty. I’m looking forward to buying some of your beautiful creations in the future!

Thanks Steven!

Thank you very much Judy! It would be particularly nice if we are all able to buy each others beautiful creations down the road! We can all keep our fingers crossed (and roses and pollen crossed as well…LOL) and dream of that day! :astonished:)

Forgot to mention a thank you to Jadae who has also been really helpful with that hard to find info…and of course the great site that Jim Sproul has…I’ve perused through that more times than I can count!

Thank you Michelle for the kind words.

I would like to thank Paul Jerabek for getting me started in hybridizing. We did not have the internet then, but we did have the RHA Newsletter and Paul would quickly reply to any correspondence using postcards. I still have some of his postcards.

Next I would like to thank Virgil Mitchell. He was active on the internet in its early days and prepared an instructional video that was sent from hybridizer to hybridizer.

Both of these gentlemen received awards for their hybrids, see:


Next I would like to thank the Petersons, who I feel kept the RHA alive during a relatively slim period.

Also, Dave Zlesek who took over the editor’s job at the same time as his graduate school responsibilities. Wow.

Also, I would like to thank Peter Harris, the present editor and very long term contributing member. He has been contributing for so long that probably some of the newer members must think that he is a very old man. Well he isn’t, to give you some idea of his age, his oldest child just finished his first year in college.

And, of course, Jim Turner who has done such a professional job on the web page.

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/winners.html