A rose hybridizing slide show is now available





Link: www.abrigon.com/Rose%20Hybridizing%20Presentation%20Final_files/frame.htm


Thank you for giving us the link to this slide show. It is very informative and well done.

Thank you Henry and John. It was a lot of work putting it together and I wish ARS would make it easier to access on their site. It’s sort of hidden in the Members Only section.

Thank you Judith for doing this. What a nice resource to encourage others to breed roses.


I love slide #61. Art supplies and hybridizing go hand in hand :slight_smile:

Thanks, David. My husband suggested I also do a show entitled:

“Rose Hybridizing for Beginners with Attention Deficit Disorder” - consisting of 3 slides.

  1. Find a hip,

  2. remove the seeds,

  3. plant them.

LOL. That works too!

Jadae. How about food and hybridizing?


See, the whole process can be so easy as you so succinctly state it in three slides! Seriously, thanks for doing what you do so well.

haha yes food supplies, too. Fridges, dishes…strainers. Lets not leave cleaning and crafter supplies out too haha.