A nice surprise-- hips of Linda Campbell

Well it’s been ages since I’ve been at Heritage, but I’ve been especially busy. I went there today to see the rose hips. Things have been prunned, but lots still have hips hanging. Well, I got seeds of Cerise Bouquet, and it would be intresting to see what seedlings will come from there, if any. The hips were drying out, but the seeds seemed good enough and I had plenty.

But I think the best surprise of late was from Linda Campbell, and I admired it from a far. I have no room for a monster. Every year I make sure to see if there are any hips, but this is the only time I found 7 very small and past prime hips. Linda Campbell is a rugosa hybrid with richly decadent red flowers, but isn’t very fertile. My only lament was that I could had not come any sooner and collect the hips when they were ripe in November and December. I found 7 hips, one seed each, two of them very dry and without any moisture. The other 5 were still a bit moist, but at least the seed coat of the seeds weren’t dried.

My hopes is to get at least one seedling.



That is really cool. Ralph Moore’s Rugosa hybrids are all so wonderful, it’s a shame that they aren’t more fertile. I found three hips on Topaz Jewel, each of which yielded only one seed, and I’m hoping! I guess we’re in the same situation. Let us all know how it turns out.