A little more about 'Above and Beyond', congrats D.Zlezak


Here is another very nice little write-up about a rose that David Zlesak has, introduced by Bailey. Judges gave the rose one of the top pick awards at the New England Grows event in Boston earlier this month. Congratulations again.

Congrats David, it looks good, how is it’s fertility.

Marvelous! Congratulations, David!

Love the color and the parentage David!

Another nice article about “one of the nicest and most gracious breeders we have the pleasure to work with” :wink: from last year:

Congratulations, indeed!

Does the use of tetraploid species have anything to do with the ability to obtain repeaters so close to the species? That’s quite an accomplishment, it seems to me. 50% hardy species, warm color, and rebloom…

Very nice, David! Good job!