7 leaflet sets... question.. what does this mean?

Or does it mean anything?

I have a seedling that is now shooting out 7 leaf branches.

Does this mean anything genetically? Or does it mean nothing? I keep hoping all of the “genetics” portion of what you all frequently discuss will sink in sometime, but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon :slight_smile:

I am intrigued at the crosses you all are talking about “genetically”… I am just hoping to get a “purty” rose out of some of my seedlings for now.

Thanks for any and all input-


Some of my seedlings descended from gigantea have seven leaflets. I don’t think it means anything in particular.

It will be fun to note whether you see any differences in the plant and blossom.

Thanks Robert, I appreciate the reply.

I keep waiting for a bud to appear on this seedling… it just keeps pouring out new leaves. Lots of my seedlings are doing this. While I am glad they are building up size and not quite so “fragile” anymore, I want to see the blooms!

I am not sure what the parentage is of the mother plant… I will go look that up on HMF.



Yeah, I have a couple seedlings just pouring out new leaves. What I wouldn’t do for a bud or two already…

I’m assuming too that you mean “leaflets”. (The leaf is composed of several leaflets.) I don’t know what you crossed. Seven is not uncommon with HT’s, and doesn’t mean much, to my mind. Different species have different numbers of leaflets, and some of the Pimpinellifoliae will have 15 leaflets or more.

Link: www.rogersroses.com/gallery/default~gid~10.asp

Hi marleah,

I grow Lynn Anderson and she always has seven leafleats per stem.

It is used often in hybridizing and many of her off-spring carry the same seven leaflet trait.

Below is a seedling of Lynn Anderson X Sheer Elegance with the same seven leaflet stems.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=51096

I currently have a miniature seedling with nine leaflets.

Where the trait comes from is any body’s guess as both parents have seven leaflets.

Here’s the pedigree. I’m open to any thoughts.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=53182&tab=21&lstTyp=16

Seven and nine also harken back to R. multiflora.

Ah! Thanks Ann!

Strange that nine leaflets would show up again here with my seedling but the pollen parent of ‘Nessie’ is thought by the breeder to Cecile Brunner.

Apparently rats ate the label for the cross. He was working with Cecile Brunner at the time.

That would provide three sources of multiflora or more in this pedigree.

It gives hope for some hardiness too.

I don’t know about the 7 or 9 leaflet count comes from multiflora–

I know Basye’s Legacy has 7 leaves.

And I have a seedling of R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphiploid that has 7 leaves.

It could be a rugosa trait-- I think that they can come in with 4 to 7 leaves.

The R. arkansana out here often have 11 leaflets! All the spotted roses here have 11 leaflets; curiously enough, their unspotted offspring/siblings generally only have five except at the base. Which makes me wonder; maybe some roses have seven leaflet leaves way down because… then can. Seven, then five, then three, then flower would allow maximum sunlight on each leaf and thus be an advantageous adaptation on roses with very short stems and not much room between leaf nodes.