3 odd hybrids

From the random bin that is my mind, and the lovely I raised from Henry many years ago:

This is Danae x Leonie Lamesch. It is effectively a golden Trier. It has fuzzy leaves though, and the blooms are larger than Trier’s blooms.

This is Henry’s Blend, effectly named because of its blend of color and blend of species. Its acicularis, spino, foetida, and modern. The color in person blends from mauve to pink. The stems are dark red. This rose has been growing in the back corner, unattended, for years, and it sets hips for the birds every autumn. Cute rose.

Here is a blurry pic of Yellow Brick Road x (Rosa canina x Baby Love). The coral comes from BL, believe it or not. BL can throw orange and pink with ease. The sepals sometimes have yellow streaks in them. Also, a close up of the obvious canina foliage. This seedling germinated 1 year ago, it repeat blooms with abandon, and has not shown signs of diseases.

I intend on crossing it to (Cherry Meidiland x Livin Easy) x Oso Easy Paprika to retain the warm tones on a more uniform habit. I have one seedling that is the color of Mantangi, which is what I’ll likely use.

Have you tried to use Henery’s Blend in crosses? Being that it has grown unattended in your parts of the world it must be at least partially resistant to bs or able to live with it?

It wouldn’t set seed back when I tried – only OP seed, which is what Rosa virginiana did to me too. I can always try it as pollen though. I should put it on something yellow, hardy, and tetraploid. Oh, maybe I should put it on Oso Easy Peachy Cream. That’d be fun.

Does anyone have pollen from Canary Bird, Golden Cheronese, some Hugonis type, or the like? I’d really love to put it on the golden poly-musk type?

I think you should try to use it. Anything that doesn’t need attention and is healthy should be at least tried. How bout on something like Cal Poly or something else that sets seed easily.

The proposed cross with canary bird or the likes sounds great if you can locate a pollen source.

Wish I could, Michael. My “Hugonis” and hybrid of it finished flowering nearly a month ago. It’s already approaching a hundred degrees and windy.