3 more new seedlings...

That is Mary Susan x Teeny Bopper (I think?)

Yellow Brick Road x (Livin Easy x Baby Love)

Yellow Brick Road x Prairie Sunset (note: NO MILDEW!!!)

This year has been a mildew-intense year, which is oddly rare, so it was easy to see who stood up against mildew. #3 here is the most sun resistant – kind of like how Elina is despite it being pale.

That last one is beautiful!!!

Same ones, different day:

The button center one looks like a recreation of Moonsprite.

PacificJade(Michael I think). The first one(pink), Mary Susan x Teeny Bopper is my pick. Yes I know i am sucker for yellows, I thought I would stay away from them.

I also like the first rose. The form on the last rose is also very nice.

They all seem to be farily healthy. I do not plan on using the late release Bucks anymore, though. I have not liked a single one. Mary Susan is pretty, but the blackspot is a real deal breaker.

The 3 seedlings seem fairly healthy, but the yellow mini is the one I like the most. However, I think YBR x PS is what will be useful as a parent. I have another new seedling, (Cherry Meidiland x Livin Easy) x Oso Easy Paprika that is coral red, which would be a good mix with YBR x PS.

Is this the first time you’ve used ‘Paprika’? This is one I got for myself to try this season too.

I used its pollen last year, which is how I got the seedling. I bought the plant this year, and it set hips… but I forgot to water it and they aborted, lol. Honestly, I’d use the pollen again anyways, because the hips are so tiny.

I pollinated Paprika quite a bit this year. It did set some hips, but not a very high percentage.

A different seedling of (Cherry Meidiland x Livin’ Easy) x Oso Easy Paprika. The color didnt photograph very well, but it is bright orange-red with a silver reverse. No mildew, too, although something nibbled on it. It is a mini, but I’ll cross it out of minis if it doesnt develop blackspot. I’d like to cross it with the Yellow Brick Road x Prairie Sunset seedling to aim for the warmer colors that shrubs usually dont have.

Yellow Brick Road x Solitaire. Its, uhm… I dont know what I was thinking, lol. It’s definitely going to be a pillar rose, though. It looks like it will be a good rose, but I have no clue what to do with it. I need another pillar rose like I need a hole in my head.

The first seedling is attractive, Michael. Perhaps selfing your pillar might produce a bushier, dwarf plant from it? That will teach you to use anything McGredy. Here, that name translates to “suitable for pegging”. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the New Zealand climate was short and harsh, requiring the extra climbing vigor, like the British one does for Austin.

Nice roses Jadae. I especially like the pillar type for its color shading. The red with white eye is good too.

I used the Paprika pollen some last year and notice that offspring end up with a very intense red if they have some pink in them to start, Similarly with Rainbow K.O. I don’t know if its gene dosage or some “intensifiers” acting on But my Paprika germination rate was rather poor, on Carefree Beauty even. Strawberry Crush was worse, almost zero.

I have Oso Easy Honey Bunch, and it is actually a wonderful plant. It behaves like a classic polyantha here. However, it is likely triploid, and I’ll have to use it as a pollen parent when I figure out how I want to use it. With that said, I think the others within the Oso Easy series are likely similar in their want to bloom rather than breed.

Kim, I have a beautiful Solitaire x Baby Love that is lightly double, rain proof, sun proof, and primrose white. It is really healthy, perpetual-blooming, and vigous, and it is a true miniflora. The own-root vigor is why I like to use Solitaire. It also breeds a very unusual quality – water-proof petals. That, and it also throws all of the Pernet patterns. If I believed in grafting, I’d likely avoid the whole line from Arthur Bell that tends to create 1/3rd-per-batch pillars. I know youre aware, but it is easy to forget that we tend to forget about what isnt out respective environment. I do it all of the time. Yet, we are fairly optionless unless we test our stuff elsewhere, too. The mildew this year has been AWFUL, but it rarely ever mildews here. This weird year has allowed us in the PNW to see what may pass that test elsewhere.

Have you ever used 'Paprika’s Dad, ‘Laura Ford’? If you look at LF’s list of first gen. descendents it seems it might be a very useful plant. It seems that when used as a seed parent it is able to retain a lot of the characteristics of the pollen parent’s flower whilst adding health, climbing, and miniature from it. It accepts all kinds of pollen too. Mine accepted pollen from ‘Belle Poitevine’ last season (and I’m still dirty that some critter got those hips). I’ll be repeating this cross and a few others onto mine this coming season because I wanted to test this theory and have a miniature climbing rugosa. It’s got substantially more health than pretty much every other mini I have except her daughter ‘Gloriana’. That gal has some serious health and vigour too.

I think that Laura Ford is among the better miniatures. I used to grow it and Warm Welcome side by side on a split railing fence. I also used to grow its kid, Scent From Above, which I liked, too. However, I really do not want climbers or miniatures. I also wanted the orange from Paprika. It is so difficult to get both health and warm tones in shrub roses, and it is easier to get away from miniatures the further away the source of the rose is from.

A long time ago I did High Hopes x Laura Ford. I also did Scent from Above x … forgot what. Both were white climbing minifloras. They were cute, but they were not my thing.

I looked for Oso Easy Paprika this spring but could not find it. It is on my rose short list. It was one of the roses tested by Texas A&M for blackspot resistance and was found to be resistant to Races 3, 8 and 9.

Joan, that was the primary reason I used it. Otherwise, I usually avoid minis.

I guess Yellow Brick Road x Solitaire is very phototropic:

I would be interested to hear if Paprika passes on blackspot resistance to its offspring.

You have some really lovely ones! I like the color of that (Cherry Meidiland x Livin’ Easy) x Oso Easy Paprika and I LOVE phototropic roses!