2009 Seedlings

Hi, folks,

I notice the 2008-2009 crosses thread is getting awfully long, so, here’s a thread for what seedlings are sprouting, and which ones you’ve got the most hope for.

As for Spotted Rose Ranch…

Fa’s Marbled Moss OP (lots and lots and lots…)

La Belle Sultane OP (lots and lots, all mildewy)

FMM x Golden Celebration

FMM x R. arkansana

FMM x Capitain John Ingram

Tuscany Superb (OP)

Fort Pella Alba OP

Fort Pella Morning Stars OP

Henri Martin OP

Oranges ‘n’ Lemons x Aschermittwoch

FMM x Marbree

Fara Shimbo OP

Fort Pella Alba x R. woodsii ultramontana

I wish there were more deliberate crosses than OPs, but you can get some awfully nice things from OP seeds.

The seedlings that most intrigue me so far are those of Henri Martin. The leaves (2 seedlings) are exactly the color of those of R. glauca, which grows in the adjoining bed. Hmmm!

I was amazed to see how readily La Belle Sultane seeds sprout; unfortunately these are the worst affected by mildew.

Here’s looking forward to more seedlings… though I have no idea where I’m going to put them if they sprout!

You have some intriguing crosses, Fa. I’m particularly interested to see what you get from FMM x R. arkansana

Another thread has a link to a spreadsheet of the crosses that produced the most seedlings in the first 14 days of germination. Here is a complete list of all of my crosses that have started to germinate.

((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe O) X Ebb Tide

(Armada X Precious Platinum) X Olympiad

(Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii) X Ebb Tide

(Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Apricot Twist

(Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Incognito

(Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Julia Child

(Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Livin’ Easy

(Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn) X Crimson Bouquet

(Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn) X Olympiad

Antike '89 X Julia Child

Apricot Twist X Gold Medal

Apricot Twist X Sonia

Apricot Twist X Sunset Celebration

Armada X Basye’s 86-3

Ebb Tide X ((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole)

Ebb Tide X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Ebb Tide X Hot Cocoa

Ebb Tide X Julia Child

Ebb Tide X Purple Heart

Ebb Tide X Purple Tiger

Fabulous! X (Baby Love X unknown)

Fabulous! X Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

G. Nabonnand X R. gigantea

Gemini X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Gemini X Sunset Celebration

Happy Chappy X Midnight Blue

Happy Chappy X Plaisanterie

Julia Child X Anitke '89

Julia Child X Apricot Twist

Magenta X Basye’s 86-3

Midnight Blue X Happy Chappy

Lilac Charm X Schoener’s Nutkana

Midnight Blue X Purple Heart

Midnight Blue X Purple Passion

Natasha Monet X Night Owl

Orangeade X Basye’s 86-3

Orangeade X Hot Cocoa

Secret X Sunset Celebration

Torch of Liberty X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

I had my first germination from a cross with one of my hybridized roses. Thats a first for me.

(Autumn Sunset x Applejack) x J5