2006 pollination results with (Rugelda X R-15)

Used as a mother, only 5 hips were obtained. Four were open pollinated, and one was formed from a mixture of Illusion pollen and (Rugelda X R-15) pollen. This was an attempt to use an old hybridizing trick of using a known “good” pollen mixed with a desirable but problematic pollen to keep the hip from dropping (or remove the sterility/rejection barriers). I would expect to be able to identify any offspring that resulted from Illusion pollen.

Used as the pollen donor, it formed hips with the following mothers:

Folksinger (2 hips)

(Folksinger X Dortman)

(Folksinger X (William Baffin X OP)) (3 hips)

Illusion (5 hips)

(Illusion X William Baffin) (2 hips)

((Illusion X John Davis) X (George Vancouver X John Davis))

(Heritage X Illusion)

(George Vancouver X John Davis)

Prairie Harvest

Carefree Sunshine

(Carefree Beauty X Heritage)


((Bonavista X OP) X OP)

Of course any of these could of just been formed from stray pollen from the mother, but I feel that my technique has improved over the years so that this possibility is not very likely.

Probably the most unexpected cross is the one where ((Bonavista X OP) X OP) is the mother. Fortunately that is one where it should be easy to verify by looking at the characteristics of the offspring.

Congratulations Henry. I look forward to using this one. I wonder if carries the gene for repeat?

A picture showing the 2006 height of (Rugelda X R-15) is available at:


Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/(Rugelda%20X%20R-15)%20height-2006.htm

Yes, the buds you sent are extremely vigorous growers. I’ll have to plan accordingly for the height issue.

Henry, Rugelda X R-15 is not going dormant here. It’s going to grow right through our Winter. It’s going to be huge.