2005 Germinations!

I know many of you deal with hundreds or thousands of seedlings each year, so maybe you don’t get as excited as I am. I have dealt with one or two dozen each year until this year. This year, I went overboard on seeds. And they are just now starting to germinate. I’ve got at this point (all open pollinated and chilled since 10/6/05):

Fourth of July (4)

Delicata (1)

Showbiz (1)

Carefree Beauty (1)

Unknown pink HT that came with the house (1)

I also got a huge surprise when I found a germination among seeds which had been sitting in damp paper towels at room temp for the 3 weeks since I removed them from their hips. They’ve never gone through stratification! (They are now but I guess that one was an eager beaver!)

I love it when the seeds start germinating and seedlings start growing. The anticipation of what might result is what gets me through the worst of winter until I can start pruning and working with my gardens.

Is anyone else having germinations yet?


I have about 1,000 seedlings and about 10 have bloomed. More seeds in frig. Good luck and Merry Christmas.


So far

Queen Elizabeth X unknown striped rose

Ceasar E Chavez X Shropshire Lass

Secret X unknown tea rose

Applejack X unknown Scotch rose

Livin Easy X Robusta

Tamora X (Prospero X Goldmoss)


It’s always exciting no matter how many seeds you have germinating, Alicia!

So far I have had 118 germinations. A note about my “OP” seeds - I often throw a bunch of various pollens on otherwise “OP” blooms and let them set hips, but I don’t keep track. So they’re OP but less likely to be selfs.

So far, I have the following:

2 (Harlekin x OP) x R. Acicularis & OP

1 Deuil de Dr. Raynaud x OP

3 Diana, Princess of Wales x Silverado

5 Distant Drums x ?Lost tag

1 Distant Drums x OP

4 Fabulous! x OP

4 Fabulous! x Hot Cocoa

4 Fabulous! x Miami Moon

2 Fabulous! x Julia Child

1 Fabulous! x Betty Boop

1 Fabulous! x Perfume Tiger

24 Jean Kenneally x OP

3 Louise Odier x OP

14 Love Me Tender x OP

1 Loving Touch x Marilyn Monroe

3 Lynn Anderson x OP

3 Miami Moon x OP

1 Nancy Jean x OP

4 Outta the Blue x OP

1 Route 66 x OP

18 Scarlet Knight x OP

9 Sonia x OP

9 Sorbet Bouquet x OP

I wont have any til later than most of you. The majority of mine are outdoors. It went to 16 degrees this week and has been snowing so Im very curious how the massive weather fluctuations will play out on germinations this spring. I kept 6 favored crosses in the fridge that I plan sewing into trays in January (example: Rennaisance x Pretty Lady).

4 Fabulous! x Hot Cocoa sounds really good, SQ. Maybe some of the blackspot resistance will find it’s way into the Sexy Rexy line.

I know, Jadae, that’s one of the crosses I’m most excited about. The other is the Diana, POW x Silverado cross. Many of the other crosses haven’t germinated yet… so hard waiting…

As far as weather is concerned, there’s no question in my mind that low pressure systems seem to increase germination. Jim T noted that a while ago for him, and it sure seems to be the case here, as well.

We won’t have any germinations for a bit. Seeds just went into the fridge a few weeks ago. We usually don’t plant till later in January. It is always fun to anticipate what the results might be - I am sure we all hope for something spectacular. Have only a few OP seeds, most are planned crosses working with miniatures an micros.

Hey, I’m still processing Hips! :slight_smile:

So any germinations for me will be far down the line.

Mostly OP hips.

A few crosses, mainly with Baby Love as pollen parent.

What did you use Baby Love on? I had good takes with New Year x Baby Love, Sunsprite x Baby Love, Midas Touch x Baby Love and Cherry Meililand x Baby Love. MT x BL produced the largest hips with the largest seeds in the most generous proportions for the year.

I remember off the top of my head that I have:

Earthsong x Baby Love

Heritage x Baby Love

Not 2005, but fairly recent.

I can say that I really enjoy Pacific Serenade as a seed parent last year. I’m especially proud of PS X The Pilgrim. David Austin’s The Pilgrim pratically has no pollen (none that could be seen, really). So I’m very happy. Also 100% germinations thus far.

Here’s what I’ve gotten thus far:

Seed Parent: Pacific Serenade

Pollen Parent: The Pilgrim, Joan’s Rugosa, Rugelda

Seed Parent: Livin’ Easy

Pollen Parents: Robusta, Abe Darby seedling

Seed Parent: McCartney Rose

Pollen Parents: Compassion

Seed Parent: Basye’s Blueberry

Pollen Parent: Queen Elizabeth X Basye’s Legacy; Sutter’s Gold X Renae

It’s so interesting seeing other’s crosses.

A few notes about my crosses this year, fyi. The cross I did with Fabulous! x Hot Cocoa for some reason produced a lot of deformed seedlings - gnarly little stems with no leaves. Odd.

I have a nice bud on one of the Fab! x Julia Child seedlings. I sure hope it’s not white. OP Fabulous! seedlings tend to be almost all white, although I do have one very healthy seedling from last years’ crosses that is a nice pink/white blend that I’m watching closely, and another yellow one.

Diana, Princess of Wales x Silverado has produced wonderful, strong seedlings so far. Diana, POW is a good seed parent. (S,?P,G)

I have my very first 20 seedlings and its so exciting! My first blooms were Rose Gilardi x Arizona Sunset. One was pink and white, one dark purple and white and the petals would not fall off! I have these up and unbloomed: Neptune x Queen Elizabeth, Arizona sunset x Neptune, Rose Gilardi x Arizona Sunset and a few with unknown fathers-oops.I have a yellow bud coming on, can’t wait to see it!

Congrats, Robyn! You’ll have to share pictures with us as they bloom.

I’m waiting right now for my first two buds of the 2005 seedlings to open. One is a Deep Purple seedling. The other is a mini of unknown parentage. It is appearing to a micro-mini at this point and is looking like it will rival ‘Si’ for tiny stature and blooms!


I’m just starting to get some germinations.

1 - F2 seedling from F1 multiflora X ‘Mutabilis’ (open-pollinated)

3 - seedlings from open-pollinated bracteata X (rugosa X palustris)

Nothing else yet.