2005 AARS winner with Canadian rose blood

The 2005 AARS winner “DayDream” is a cross between Lavender Dream and Henry Kelsey. Ping Lim of Bailey Nurseries is the hybridizer.

Congratulations Ping.

Congratulations indeed! Great accomplishment!

Ping Lim’s background:


Link: www.easyelegancerose.com/Garden_Ping.html

Was Henry Kelsey the seed parent?

Henry Kelsey is the pollen parent.

I had the priveledge to listen to Ping give a 2 hour talk on his rose breeding program last night in Minneapolis and he had flowering plants of all his new introductions for next year. ‘Daydream’ was very nice. It had petite glossy foliage and a nice arching growth habit with lots of flowers.

His other new selections like ‘Sunrise Sunset’ and ‘Runner’ (maybe a 2006 introduction) were fantastic!


I got Lavender Dream rooted this year. Plants I saw seemed to do very bad… very leggy, foilage full of disease, but that was because it was in full dark shade and I guess if it could bloom in full shade, then it would do a whole lot better in a sunny spot.

Does anyone know where to get a picture of Daydream?

Enrique, I have a picture I took of Daydream at the local rose garden (which always has the AARS winners a year in advance) but I don’t know how to post it here. If you e-mail me, I could send you a copy of it. There is another 2005 AARS shrub rose, called (if I remember right) Lady Elsie May, which I am really excited about – glossy, perfectly clean foliage, and gorgious, medium sized semi-double flowers of the most bewitching salmon color produced absolutely constantly. Fragrance is only slight, but otherwise it is stunning! I am excited to see how it performs for the rest of the summer, and next year I think I am going to pollinate everything in sight with it.


Star/Conard-Pyle has its new catalog on the web, and the AARS selections are included. Go to the URL below, then click on “Jump to page” and select “View page 12-13.” Day Dream is on the middle of the right page. You can download PDF files of both pages from the site.

Link: www.starroses.com/catalog.cfm

Theyre all in the ARS monthly that I received yesterday. I saw them at Washington Park and I think Elle was the best of the 4 but nothing really grand in my opinion. The parentage is really interesting, too. Purple splendour x (Chicago Peace x Parador). Quite a color mix there.

I have About Face and it’s a really nice rose and sets hips by the way. And Lady Elise May foliage is outstanding. It’s so shiny, it looks like it has been sprayed with oil.