1st year seedling growth rate?

I’ve been wondering for a while now, after watching my little op ‘Green Ice’ seedling for about a year now, about just how much growth I should expect from a miniature 1st year seedling? When I posted the image of the whole plant it was about 2-3’ tall. It is now dormant and leafless as we are in winter here but it’s starting to make new growth as Spring is almost upon us. Thing is the whole plant is still pretty much the same height… maybe branched a little more and thickened up the branches a bit but other than that it doesn’t seem to have done much. It is not pot bound and has received a regular fert. regime and has had fungus controlled etc but it is still tiny. It’s been sitting outside on a bench during winter and would have been frozen at times and has been snowed on twice so maybe the cold has injured/killed off parts but overall it looks to be in pretty good shape. Is this a normal growth pattern for a mini seedling? It flowered twice in its first year with flowers like those I posted (see link). Does flowering in the first year take a lot out of the new seedling to the point where it might significantly retard the growth rate?

Link: rosehybridizers.org/forum/message.php?topid=14150#14150

Hi Simon,

Do you mean 2 to 3 feet tall, or inches? From your photos, I recall it to be a micro-mini type. Each seedling has its own growth characteristics. I would suspect that this seedling will be very small, even when fully mature. Other seedlings from the same cross will likely vary considerably. The wide variation among the seedlings is part of what makes this hobby so much fun!

Best wishes,

Jim Sproul

Yes, sorry… I meant inches… I try to convert it to imperial because I gather a lot of the members here are American and so use imperial units of measurement and because it’s not ‘my native tongue’ I often make mistakes.

Yes… I could put it down to variation Ijust figured that after a year’s growth I would be expecting it to be more than 50-70mm (:wink: ) tall. Even ‘Si’, when I grew it, was more vigorours than that (but that was from cutting… big difference I know).

I think I’ll pot the little one into a much larger diametre pot so that the temperature swings the roots will experience will be less drastic than they are now (we had heavy frosts again this morning but the day temp is sitting around 17-18 degrees Celcius).

Often self-pollinated Miniatures give rise to seedlings much more dwarf than themselves, and often with very poor vigor. Don’t be surprised if it never gets very big. I’ve seen lots of these sorts of seedlings and after watching then for two or three years with no improvement, I discard them.

I think it’s pretty neat that you got a seedling from ‘Green Ice’ at all Simon.